Eldon Ladies with confident win

Eldon Ladies faced Northumberland Ladies 2nd team in their first official home game on the season. The fixture was a 4 vs 4 as Northumberland were unable to field a no. 5 string, giving Eldon a 1 -0 lead from the start.

The 1st match was between the no.4 players, Katherine Hunt (Eldon) and Jess Arnott (Northumberland). It was a competitive match from the start with the 1st game being taken 15-10 by Arnott, who then doubled her lead winning a more comfortable 2nd game 15-5. Hunt improved her play in the 3rd game, but didn’t quite have enough to take it, losing in a tie breaker. This gave Arnott a 3-0 victory and levelled the fixture up 1-1.

The next match saw Eldon’s Caitlin Burns face off against Northumberland’s Abigail Bedford at the number 3 string. Burns was the better player in this match and controlled the play throughout, winning 3-0; 15-5, 15-7,15-7.

The match between the number 2s, Michelle Fawdon (Eldon) and Beth Dean (Northumberland) was more closely contested than the previous match. Fawdon started with some positive play and took the 1st game 15-8. The next 2 games were much more even and both went down to the wire, but Fawdon just had enough to hold off Dean; 15-14 in the 2nd and 15-13 in the 3rd. This gave Fawdon a 3-0 win and put Eldon in an insurmountable position at 3-1 up with only 1 game remaining.

The final game saw the no.1 players take to court; Grace Goodchild from Eldon and Sophie Bedford from Northumberland. This game followed a similar pattern to the previous games, with the player taking the 1st game going on to with the match. Goodchild did just that, winning the match in 3; 15-7,15-11,15-9.

A good 4-1 victory for Eldon Ladies has pushed them up to 2nd in the table, with Northumberland Ladies 2 still sitting in 3rd place despite their heavy loss.

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