Northumberland to welcome the Countries best

Sunday May 13 sees The Northumberland host an England v Scotland charity exhibition match that features some of squash’s top names.

At the top of the bill is James Willstop v Daryl Selby as the second and third ranked English players go head to head.

The event had to be rearranged after the winter weather put paid to the original date.

Selby is delighted that the event can still go ahead and thanked everyone attending for their support.

“Absolutely fantastic to get it rescheduled after the Beast from the East scuppered the last evening. Brilliant that everyone is supporting this event again,” said the world number 19.

“I’ve been to the North East a little bit before, did an exhibition with Cameron Pilley at Tynemouth and also come up to visit Chris Gillespie and family and give him some squash and golf lessons”

Selby is also relishing the opportunity to play some entertaining squash against long term friend and team mate James Willstrop.

“Over the last few season I’ve definitely tried to express myself more on court and always enjoy hitting different type shots. Some go in the floor but happy when the ones go in and feature on shot of the month!

” I get on really well with James and since both having kids I think we’ve definitely got to know each other better over the last 5 years. I was absolutely delighted to see him win Gold as he had come so close on many occasions. A great player like James deserved to be a Commonwealth champion.”

The bill also sees former world no.1 Lee Beachill take on local star Liam Gutcher, and Northumbria County Champion Max Forster face British Junior Open Champion Sam Todd.

The event is in support of the The Northumberland Club Sporting Chance Foundation, which was set up by General Manager Ross Graham following the passing of his Father Malcolm Graham in December 2017.

The charity will focus on giving vital financial support to those athletes on the brink of success.

“As an ex international athlete my parents made phenomenal sacrifices to ensure I had the best chances of succeeding,” said Graham.

“Without the support from Craig Heap and Karen Chapman I would have became another great talent fallen short of the final goal through a lack of finances to succeed at the top level.

“With the support of my Chairman Trent Ackhurst and the executive committee at The Northumberland Club we aim to deliver financial support to athletes throughout the North East from April 2018.”

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