Squash targets 2024 Olympics

As Squash looks to expand its global following it has targeted the Olympic games.

The sport has seen rejections from several attempts, but the exposure and the funding that the games offers sees it try time and time again.

There are many club players who dream of seeing their sport take to the highest stage, and see it grow and appeal to a whole new audience.

The game is truly global, played in over 185 countries, with all 5 continents boasting a world champion.

It was also named by Forbes magazine as the world’s healthiest sport but has seen a decline in participation over the past decade.

An Olympic gold would be the pinnacle of the sport, in contrast to other recent additions such as golf and tennis.

Currently a part of the commonwealth games, TV coverage and analysis has improved leaps and bounds over the past decade.

The sport was one of the first to introduce a video referral system and is constantly adapting to make itself a better spectator sport.

However, despite higher funds and more sophisticated bids Squash still seems unable to break down the barrier to Olympic status.

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