Westoe Firsts go top after win over Northumberland

Report by Chris Boyer

Westoe completed back to back 3-2 wins, over coming a strong youthful Northumberland first team.

First matches on were the fifth and fourth seeds.

Richard Elliott flew back from Mexico, arriving back at lunch time to play in this match. He showed no signs of jet lag taking the first game, but Ben Waugh hit back though taking the next 2. Elliot got back into his stride and fought back taking the fourth comfortably, managing to pull away in the middle of the fifth game and complete a great comeback.

On the other court a marathon took place between Steve Prested and Mark Taylor. Prested claimed a tight first game but Taylor hit back in the second, which was full of dives, falls, tight shots, loose shots and provided lots of entertainment. Prested pushed on and tried to break Taylor’s resilience in a third game that lasted over 20 mins. After taking it, he pulled away in the fourth and looked to wrap the match but Taylor had other ideas. He saved 4 match points taking it to the wire, but eventually Pressed was able to give Westoe a 2-0 lead.

Next up was the third and second seeds.

Mike Burton took on James Worsick in a battle of the 3rd seeds. A tough first game saw Burton save 2 game balls to take the first game. The second was no easier and both players were determined to take it, Burton eventually coming through after a few long rallies. The third was neck and neck and finely balanced but Burton managed to find that little extra and took the match 3-0.

Despite the match being won the second seeds were already locked in a duel. Chris Boyer took on the young and promising talent Max Forster. The first game got off to a frantic start, both players playing attacking shots. Forster pulled away in the second half playing some great shots and took the first. He took the first 2 points in the second game but Boyer replied with 7 straight points looking to take the second game. Forster never gave up, clawing the points back to get to just 1 behind. Boyer stopped the run but lost the next 3 points giving game ball. He saved it but a couple of tough rallies saw Forster eventually take the second. The third started at a fast pace and was close to the middle,  but Forster battled hard and took it to close a 3-0 win.

The first seeds saw Paul Lord take on friendly rival Dave Barnett. Lord took an early lead winning the first but both players demonstrated some great shots and movement round the court. Barnett fought back in the second, taking control with some clinical finishing. Lord came out determined in the third and got off to a great start, but pulled up in the middle of the game with an old calf injury and was unable to continue. The match was unfortunately cut short in what was a great game.

A great game between two good teams and a good night had by all. A big thanks for the support for those that game down to watch.

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